ADBLOCK PLUS VS UBLOCK: Things you should know

Are you really fed up of removing the ads coming on websites again and again? If yes then today, by reading this article I am sure that you will be able to be set yourself free from these boring sticky ads. There are many adblockers available over the web but today we will do comparision between two of best adblockers. After reading this article you will be able to find that which is best between adblock plus vs ublock. For the promotion of their products the companies really spend more than $500 billion on the advertisements in a year. It’s a very large amount.

The most widely popular browsers like chrome, bing, yahoo and facebook earn money from doing these online advertisements only. Spending more and more on the advertisements give birth to the annoying ads on the websites. There would be merely 10% websites which do not contains ads. Other than these 10% website all others either display sticky ads or are promoting the products of another company. These sticky ads really annoy us and waste our precious time. The experience gained by the user is also not good but when the relevant information is available on these type of site we have to visit them until our work is finished.

Whenever you try to download any of your favourite music, video or games these pop ads take you to another sites and sticks to the mobile. Sometimes you can’t even close them. So the best way to get free from it is using the adblockers. Our comparison of adblock plus vs ublock will really help you to get to the conclusion.


Ad blockers are nowdays gaining very popularity and are used by many of the user. Two best of adblockers are adblock plus and ublock.


Basically adblock plus is a free browser extension which you can simply add to your browser for free. It was created by Vladimir Palant in 2006. Using adblock plus will give you access to block those annoying ads and prevent the virus spreading domains also. You can disable the tracking of your location too which is a great advantage. Adblock plus is totally different from the Adblock extension. Basically adblock plus is an open source ad blocking and content filtering extension. This adblocker extension is widely available for google chrome, Mozilla firefox, internet explorer, microsoft edge, opera mini, safari, yandex browser and android too. Actually it supports nearly all the browsers.

It is licensed under GPLv3. Adblock plus has its dedicated website also , you can visit its site here and can simply download and add to your browser without paying a single penny. Vist adblock plus site here : . While using adblock plus on android devices, if your android device is rooted then it blocks all the ads from the web even when you are on mobile networks but if you are using adblock plus on non rooted android phone then you can only block all the ads using your wifi connection only. It even requires to set the local proxy for every network you use to block ads.


Ublock is also a one of the best adblockers and had gain 800% more popularity in the last 3 years. Ublock is also written in the java script and is licensed under the GPLv3+. The best thing of ublock is that it is completely free to use and it also refuses to receive any donations. Ublock is considered to be the most ideal tool to block the annoying ads and to boost up our web surfing. It protects us from almost all the ads and saves you from most of the malware also. Ublock is also available for most of the platforms but it is available on less platforms then the adblock plus.

Ublock has very simple and smooth user interface. Its simple user interface makes it quite easy to use. So any non techy person can also use it without any difficulty. Remember Ublock is totally different from Ublock origin. You can get Ublock from its dedicated site: You can simply download from its website and install on your device for free and enjoy smooth web surfing.

Adblock plus was launched around 5 years before the Ublock but now also adblock plus has more popularity then Ublock as it is available on more platforms as compared to Ublock. Both of the extensions have very simple User interface. In adblock plus it is really very easy to navigate whereas Ublock has a very minimalistic design and thus looks great while using. In terms of blocking the ads and availability adblock plus wins and in the terms of design and user interface our winner is ublock.

If we talk about the functionality then adblock plus has no self functionality. You yourself have to feed what ads you want to block whereas in the Ublock , it uses many syntax which itself blocks most of the annoying sticky ads.


So the result of the comparision of adblock plus vs Ublock is here. We will recommend you to use the adblock plus only because it is somewhere more better than Ublock. If there is Ublock origin in place of Ublock then definitely we would suggest you to go for the Ublock origin. In comaparison of Adblock plus vs Ublock you should surely go for adblock plus as it is more convenient to use and also is a free version. Now I hope your confusion must have been cleared and you have found about which to use between Adblock plus vs Ublock.

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